Our goals

Our main objectives are:

  1. supporting regional culture, research, education and upbringing of the youth, including the education of undergraduates and school students,
  2. supporting the comprehensive development of Polish society, including European cooperation,
  3. supporting and conducting educational and charitable initiatives and events,
  4. supporting and initiating various forms of social activity, including sport and physical culture,
  5. protection of cultural goods and national heritage,
  6. promoting the history of Poland, traditions, and patriotic attitudes
  7. supporting and organising educational and social events, especially promoting the Polishness of Silesia,
  8. supporting entrepreneurship,
  9. promoting ecology and animal protection, as well as protection of natural heritage,
  10. promotion and protection of liberty, human rights, civic liberties, as well as the observance with the law, especially, the compliance with the electoral law both in Poland and abroad,
  11. supporting the Polish diaspora including organizations, schools and institutions working on their behalf,
  12. improving knowledge of the law,
  13. supporting political ideas, right of legislative initiative, self-governance, elections and democracy.