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Fidelity to the national feeling is often regarded by
politicians or doctrinaires as funny romanticism,
as impracticality in life, yet the example of Silesia,
which against all hope resisted Germanization
for six hundred years, reveals its value.

Zofia Kossak-Szczucka

We established our foundation in 2018. We are particularly active in popularizing the history of Upper Silesia. Our projects contribute to the commemoration of the most significant events in the history of the region – the Silesian Uprisings and the Upper Silesia plebiscite, as well as the tragic fate of its inhabitants after the outbreak of World War II and its annexation to the Third Reich. We also support regional education, research and culture, as well as the efforts of the institutions and private individuals who care deeply about the history of Upper Silesia.
We want our activities to serve a better understanding of our common history and contribute to the reconciliation of all the inhabitants of our region.

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